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A spring of complete health in the midst of nature, making it a spot not to miss for everyone who adventures through the paradise of La Fortuna.

EcoTermales Fortuna guarantees your visit will be unforgettable from the moment you arrive. Each of our guests will experience the pleasure of submerging themselves in the energy which springs up from nature in the midst of the beauty of the surrounding primary rainforests and the natural volcanic springs of thermal water, which have created 6 elegant areas with different temperatures ranging from 37° to 41° Celsius, and one fresh water waterfall, all forming part of our exotic natural spa. We offer a beverage service and complete restaurant, all immersed in the primary rainforest on one of the most beautiful properties in La Fortuna, only mildly intervened by man.

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Chemical composition of hot springs

Después de un día cansado por realizar algunos tours , mi esposo y yo tomamos la opción de disfrutar del agua termal

Tatiana Vargas

San Jose CR

For my family and me. The place surprised us! The pools were beautiful and relaxing.

Michael J.


The perfect balance of sulfates and bicarbonates to create first class comfort . Since the elements are evenly balanced you will find no odor and color in our water.